Mighty Irish Hope Strain

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While Mighty Irish Hope might be a pretty regular strain due to its rather common indica effects, it has a unique place in the marijuana world.

Offering a gradually developing high that doesn’t make you sink too deep at once, it is a great way to introduce inexperienced newcomers to the world of primary indicas and pleasant sleepiness at the end of a good smoke.

Plus, it has an absolutely fantastic aroma and flavor, making it something you absolutely cannot pass up if you ever get the chance.

Mighty Irish Hope might not be for sale in every dispensary in the world, but if you do happen to find some, make sure you get your hands on it and give it a try. It will be easy to identify as well – the unique and interesting aroma is hard to miss.



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The Mighty Irish Hope strain comes from a cross between Holland’s Hope, a famous strain from the eponymous Holland, and Mighty Mite Indica. This sweet-smelling indica-leaning hybrid is designed for its potent THC effect, despite a relatively low THC load | Buy Mighty Irish Strain

Perhaps most importantly, its breeders designed it for an incredibly sweet flavor. This is one of those strains that people pick up almost entirely for the taste, sort of like a gourmet snack in the form of a weed strain.

THC Content – Highest Test

Mighty Irish Hope cannabis is well known both for its incredible taste and for its surprisingly subtle high. Instead of an overwhelming amount of THC to overpower your senses, Mighty Irish Hope only contains about 15% or so of THC. This makes it a perfect strain for those who aren’t sure whether they can handle strains with bigger doses of THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

It is usually the case that, when a strain has a lower amount of THC when compared to other strains, it will have some CBD to make up for it. While you might normally expect it in other strains, it is sadly not so true with Mighty Irish Hope.

You won’t really find any more than about 1% CBD content from your Mighty Irish Hope bud, despite the lack of THC. Of course, it still has plenty of helpful medical benefits, despite the relative lack of CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Mighty Irish Hope Strain

When you have a mellow, yet creeping high like with Mighty Irish Hope, it makes sense that it is known for helping you to de-stress after a long day. This means that it is perfect for dealing with problems arising from the stress of mental disorders.

Additionally, the gently soporific, sleep-inducing effects of Mighty Irish Hope make it so that it is super easy to drift off to sleep. This is a real relief for those with insomnia, as it means that they have a reliable way to get to sleep. The best part of this is that it does not instantly knock you out, like with most sleep medications. Instead, you feel relaxed, chilled, and calm, gradually becoming more tired until you drift off peacefully.

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28 grams (1 Oz), 112 grams (4 Oz), 224 grams (8 Oz)(1/2 lb), 448 grams (16 Oz)(1 lb)

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